GE 36" Gas Cooktop Stainless

Article number: JGP633SETSS
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Manual controls

Let you select options between low and high (1-9) for simple operation.

Continuous medium-cast-iron grates

Create a flat and sturdy cooking surface that makes movement of pans between burners easy and safe.

Sealed cooktop burners

Eliminate the space between the burners and cooktop to contain spills and boilovers for easy cleaning.

5 burners

Include a 5,000 BTU right-rear precise simmer burner, a 5,000 BTU center precise simmer burner, a 9,500 BTU left-front burner, a 9,500 BTU left-rear burner and an 11,000 BTU right-front all-purpose burner for flexible heating.

2 precise simmer burners

Deliver a low setting of 140°, so you can cook delicate foods, such as sauces.

All-purpose burner

Offers a wide range of heat output.

Deep-recessed cooktop

Contains spills, so you can easily wipe them away.

Dishwasher-safe grates and knobs

Help simplify cleanup.

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