GE 4.5 Steam Front Load Washer Gray

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Time Saver
  • An option that will reduce overall wash time on most cycles by at least 20% without sacrificing wash performance. Perfect for when you need to get a full load of clothes clean in only 37 minutes.
Internal Water Heater
  • Increases wash temperature to reduce bacteria and provide better cleaning for the really tough stains.
  • Penetrates deep into fabric fibers, loosening stains like tomato and grass, yet protects your fabrics.
Quick Wash
  • Provides a quick wash for lightly soiled items that are needed in a hurry.
Stain Removal Guide
  • Clean 5 of the most common stains with pre-programmed settings that modify any cycle to help remove blood, tomato, wine, dirt and grass.
Tumble Care
  • Freshly tumbles your garments periodically for up to 8 hours when unable to move clothing to the dryer right away.
1,300 RPM Spin Speed
  • Fast spin speeds remove water efficiently and minimize dry time.
Sanitize Cycle
  • Feel comfort knowing clothes are sanitized and 99.9% of bacteria has been removed thanks to an internal water heater that boosts the water temperature.
  • Certified by NSF® Protocol P172 Sanitation Performance of Residential Clothes Washers.
My Cycle
  • Create your favorite cycles for your specific clothes-care needs.
10 Wash Cycles
  • Multiple cycles are designed to specifically handle various fabrics and soils.
  • ENERGY STAR®, ADA Compliant and CEE Tier I
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