LG Studio Fully Integrated Dishwasher Stainless

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TrueSteam® Technology
  • Powerful yet gentle TrueSteam® virtually eliminates the need to pre-wash. The built-in TrueSteam® generator also enables gentle cleaning for fragile items (like stemware), and can also be used for heavy-duty cleaning like pots and pans.
EasyRack™ Plus System
  • EasyRack™ Plus provides outstanding flexibility and convenience, adjusting to just about any load of dishes to help ensure optimal cleaning performance.
Height Adjustable 3rd Rack
  • The height adjustable 3rd rack gives you more space to fit everything from long flatware to small espresso cups.
NSF® Certified Sanitary Rinse
  • Sanitize cycle removes 99.9% of common household bacteria.
SenseClean™ System
  • Adjusts the wash depending on the soil level of your dishes.
42 dBA LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation
  • LG's technological advances were designed with quiet in mind. At 42dBA, this dishwasher is among the quietest dishwashers in its class.
14-Place Settings
  • Wash weeks' worth of dishes in a single cycle thanks to a generous 14 place setting capacity.
7 Wash Cycles
  • Steam Power, Normal, Quick & Dry, Quick Wash, Rinse Only, SteamDelicate™, Steam Dual.
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances meet or exceed federal guidelines for efficiency. That means you can expect to save on yearly energy costs. That's the promise of this and other ENERGY STAR approved LG dishwashers.
Additional Features
  • Hidden SmoothTouch™ Controls with LED Display
  • Slim DirectDrive Motor
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • 4 SignaLight LED Cycle Indicator Lights
  • Hybrid Condensing Drying System
  • Safety Water Overflow Detector
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