Samsung 36" Gas Cooktop Black Stainless

Article number: NA36K7750TG
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22,000 BTU True Dual Power Burner

  • 2 independent heating elements offer intense heat and precise control to quickly boil water or reduce to a low simmer.

Analog Controls with Digital Technology

  • The ultimate combination of analog comfort and digital technology delivers exceptional cooking performance.

Cast Iron Griddle

  • Cook breakfast, grill sandwiches or saute vegetable on the removable griddle.

Powerful, Flexible Cooktop

  • Cook large meals faster with 59,000 BTUs across 5 powerful burners, simultaneously.

Sealed Burners

  • Prevent food from dropping into the burner for easy clean-up.

Wok Grate

  • Accommodates a round bottom wok for your favorite stir fry.

Continuous Cast Iron Grates

  • Have a sleek, smooth design and allow you to move large cookware across the cooktop safely and easily.

Dishwasher Safe Grates and Knobs

  • For easy cleaning.

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Cooktop can be synced with your Samsung hood, so the hood automatically turns on when the cooktop is turned on.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Allows you to remotely monitor your cooktop right from a smartphone.

Blue LED-Illuminated Knobs

  • Visually let you know if the cooktop is on, even from a distance.

Liquid Propane Conversion Kit

  • Is included with the cooktop to convert the cooktop from natural gas to liquid propane.

Front Linear Controls

  • Are easy to reach.
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