Samsung Fully Integrated Dishwasher Stainless

Article number: DW80M9550UG
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Samsung's WaterWall dishwasher has a first of its kind sliding spray bar that moves back and forth to deliver a powerful, streaming wall of water with remarkable cleaning results. The AutoRelease door opens automatically, to circulate air and accelerate drying time, while the third rack provides an additional loading capacity. With Zone Booster, you can target certain areas of the dishwasher with custom settings to wash delicate glasses and tough to clean pots, all in a single load.

  • WaterWall is a powerful, streaming wall of water that delivers remarkable cleaning results. WaterWall maintains maximum pressure from corner to corner
  • The AutoRelease door automatically pops open at the end of the washing cycle to circulate air and accelerate drying time
  • Zone Booster targets different zones of your dishwasher with custom settings
  • The Cutlery Caddy is a silverware basket that can accommodate oversized utensils and be removed for unloading
  • Enjoy virtually silent wash cycles with a 42 dBA. This dishwasher is quietest in its class
  • ENERGY STAR rated, which means lower energy bills and carbon footprint than non-certified models
  • Speed up the wash cycle with Express 60, a setting to clean dishes faster. it is ideal for lighter loads
  • Easily maneuver the adjustable racking system to maximize space when you are fitting in an oversized item
  • Fit 15 place settings in a single load, ideal for clean up after entertaining
  • The digital leak sensor identifies leaks as small as 1 oz. and shuts itself off before water can escape
  • The indicator light shows whether the dishwasher is running and can be seen from across the room
  • 42 decibels
  • Sleek built-in look with top controls
  • Fingerprint resistant finish
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