Samsung Freestanding Convection Gas Range Stainless

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Stainless Steel- 5.8 cu. ft. Gas Range with Self-Cleaning and Fan Convection Oven - NEW

Samsung gas range with fan convection offers faster, more even cooking results in 30% less time than conventional ovens. Flexible Cooktop features burners of multiple shapes and sizes to accommodate any pot or pan. Its large capacity 5.8 cu. ft. interior lets you prepare large roasts and multiple dishes at once.

- Our extra-spacious 5.8 cu. ft. large-capacity oven easily handles turkey roasters and large baking sheets
- 5 burners, including a large oval center and a 17K BTU power burner, give you ultimate control of your foods for serious and even cooking
- Oval burner used for oversized pots and pans
- The convection fan system is great for baking and broiling because heat is distributed thoroughly and food cooks evenly. Enjoy faster results each time
- Storage Drawer to neatly store pots and pans
- Electronic control panel that is easy to operate with just a touch
- Self-Clean Cycle to keep the interior of the oven clean
- Extra-large oven window provides better visibility of the oven interior, allowing you to monitor cooking progress without opening the door, keeping oven temperatures steady and undisturbed
- Grate Indicator marks located on the grates allows cookware to be ideally placed precise cooking
- Two oven racks to accommodate a variety of baking needs
- Three continuous cast iron grates, plus a removable griddle to cook a variety of breakfast foods or grilled sandwiches

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